At Lux Pad Interiors, every aspect, from conceptualization to installation is handled with a great attention to detail. Below is a short synopsis of the process. 


At the consultation meeting; the goal is to define the scope of work, identify your needs for the space, and pin point your personal design aesthetic. We get a sense of your lifestyle and distinguish what works in your environment and what needs improvement.


Following the consultation, we will have a better understanding of your project. We take the next few weeks to work on an initial design that's right for you. During the next meeting clients will be presented with conceptual design elements such as color schemes, lighting, space plans, furniture, and finishes. These are not the specific elements that are going into the space but are meant to further define your preferences.

Rendered Floor Plan

Rendered Floor Plan


During the presentation meeting all of the floor plans, furnishings, light fixtures, fabrics, and finishes are presented. Images, samples, swatches, elevations, and/or perspectives will be used to paint a vivid picture of how the final space will look. At this point you will be able to approve each selection and/or request adjustments to better suit your needs.

board with rendered perspective 

board with rendered perspective 

Project Management

In this phase; ordering, processing, organization and delivery of all the design elements are managed. We serve as liaison for contractors to handle the complete scope of your project.


The Installation is the final step in the design process. It typically takes one to two full days for all of your design elements to come together. During this time furniture is delivered, accessories are placed, art is hung, window treatments are installed, and all other finishing touched are executed. 


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