The Color Conundrum

What are some good colors for in interior walls? I’m lost and want a clean look but keep in mind I’m a man.
— -@iamdjflux
Selecting Paint colors at the Benjamin Moore Showroom.

Selecting Paint colors at the Benjamin Moore Showroom.

Great question Flux! Paint colors are what I get asked most about as a designer, and no wonder. It's easy to get lost when choosing from an endless sea of paint color options. But I have a few tips on how to get started and some paint color selections I think you'll like.

Consider the Space

The first thing you want to consider when choosing a paint color is the space itself. What is the function of the room and how do you want to feel in it? Is it a bedroom you want to feel relaxed in, an office you want to feel energized in, or perhaps a living room you want to feel cozy in? Thinking about what you will be doing in the space for and how you want to feel in it can lead you in the direction for finding the perfect paint color. You also want to consider how much natural light you have to help determine if a lighter or darker shade is appropriate. 


Neutrals Vs. Color

After considering your space, you'll need to decide if you should go for neutrals or color. Choosing a color for your interior walls can (for better or worst) make a huge impact on a room. Most people choose to go with neutrals in fear of the latter. We have all seen a paint color gone wrong but it is typically due to the paint finish and not the color. Whether you choose a bold color or a calming neutral, always spend a little extra to get a Matte Finish for interior walls. A Matte Finish is less reflective like a Flat Finish. This allows it to minimize texture, bumps, and inconsistencies on the walls. But unlike a flat finish, it can be whipped down and is less prone to permanent damage. For the "clean look" you are going for a suggest a light neutral grey. 


Test Out the Paint Colors

This is a big one. A small paint swatch is not going to give you an accurate depiction of how the paint will look in your room. After choosing a few paint options, go purchase sample size in those colors (about $8 each), and some sponge brushes (about $1 each), to apply to your walls. I like to have at least three options and place them on a few different walls in the space. Write the name of each paint color in pencil under the painted swatch. Wait a day or two before making a final selection so you can see how the color looks at different times of the day. You would be surprised at how different the paint color looks on your walls vs. how it looks on the swatch. This step will help you avoid and unwanted color surprise.


Paint Color Suggestions

So now that we have gone over the basics, I have a few paint color suggestion for you. These are some of my tried and true favorites from past projects. I want you to go get these samples and place them on your walls. Don't forget to send me pictures. Hope this Helps! 

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